Best Price Guarantee
Authenticity Guaranteed
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Best Price Guarantee
Authenticity Guaranteed
Free & Fast Delivery

At Cosette, we have an authenticity guaranteed policy. While we are well aware our products are purchased from trusted suppliers in Europe and there should never be any question regarding authenticity. Therefore, we have decided to become an Entrupy customer and offer an authenticity certificate for EVERY PURCHASE made in-store or online at, corresponding to each individual bag purchased, in order to eliminate any concern you may have by purchasing through us.

We are glad to confirm that from the 1st of August 2020, all qualifying and eligible products sold, are verified by the Entrupy system. No batch authentication will be performed as Cosette will only be using the 1:1 authentication method.

Cosette is not a novice with the Entrupy technology. In fact, we were an Entrupy verified business up until recently as we were proceeding with batch authentications. During this time, we used to verify a sample of identical products from our suppliers and thus Entrupy did not previously certify separately each and every one of Cosette’s products. By doing so, we would send the same Entrupy Certificate ID to multiple customers for products that were not the specific item certified by Entrupy.

Because we understand having your own certificate is a great support along with your purchase, we are no longer authenticating in batches, but rather the entirety of our stock will now independently and individually undergo the full Entrupy authentication process to avoid any confusion.

You can now find Cosette as a verified Entrupy business user at
In addition, we understand that some items may not be recognised by Entrupy for any reason: some products are too new and Entrupy has not collected enough data to settle on the product, or other brands may not be supported by Entrupy. In that case, we would make sure to use an alternative trusted third-party authenticator.

From the 1st of August 2020 on, each product purchased from Cosette will now be individually authenticated and the buyer will receive a unique certificate ID number and Certificate Link (as stated on the electronic invoice) following order completion. Each invoice generated for those products will thus correspond to a unique Entrupy Certificate ID number and Certificate link.

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